10 best hairstyles from the Kinotavr-2017





B eautyHack made a selection of the most successful hairstyles from red carpet and Kinotavr cocktails and asked stylist Ivan Anisimov to comment on the images.

                   Ivan Anisimov
top stylist image of the agency Embassy of Style

Ekaterina Vilkova


For all Kinotavr events this year, Catherine chose laconic hairstyles: a slightly careless bunch on the Mercury cocktail and a low tail at the opening of the film festival. I will not tell you how to repeat them. Do not forget only about the volume on the back of the head.

Dasha ChThisBeautyBlogsha

The idea is not bad, although there are questions to the volume: it seems that on the one hand it is more than the other. The hair is simple: first the hair gathers into the tail and the individual strands are fixed with hairpins. But I ask you, let it be done by a professional stylist!

Ekaterina Volkova

Very good! A simple hairstyle “without age”, which always works. And it’s easy: wind the strands with a styler and comb, do not forget about the fleece at the roots.

Catherine Spitz

Here is an example of a cool hairstyle for graduation . The hair is first wound with a styler, and then pinched by the hairpins. Catherine I would have added more volume on the crown, but in this form the styling looks decent!

Marina Alexandrova

Marina got a casual look, which is suitable for the release. Well-groomed and healthy hair combined with an elongated bangs (which, by the way, goes to it) – nothing else is needed.

Maria Shalaeva

I advise you to repeat the hairstyle of Masha to the girls with a square or an elongated bean. It seems to be an easy beach laying, but with the right approach (competently chosen clothes and suitable for her event) is appropriate and at a cocktail party. Maria came with her for breakfast magazine Hello! Pull out the hair with a hairdryer, comb back and do not forget about the volume, fixing it with varnish.

Natalia Bardo

Actual image now, which is easy to repeat. Screw the hair with a styler and comb the hair well to keep a light wave at the ends. Fix the hairstyle with lacquer.

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

Another version of the beach curls. Here Natalia’s stylist most likely used a salt spray to give her hair a carelessness, and previously wound her hair with a large diameter billet.

Svetlana Ustinova

Straight healthy and shiny hair is always a trend! This hairstyle is good if you want to visually stretch the face.

Tata Bondarchuk

If Tata had chosen this hairstyle for the red carpet, I would not have appreciated the idea. But at the event in the breakfast format light waves are appropriate. Moreover, take a note, if your hair lacks volume, careless lateral parting will solve this problem.

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