10 best images of the Tony Awards 2017

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D Olivia Wilde's redevelopment, Anna Kendrick's red smoky, Chrissie Tagen's bronze strobing and other images of the "Broadway Oscar" are sorted by the make-up artist Anastasia Cherenkov.

                   Anastasia Cherenkova
                   The make-up artist

The pupil of Elena Krygina, the master of fashionable filming


Liu Wen

For the main theatrical award, the make-up artist of the top model with Asian roots chose classic shades in the vein of the Robert Marshall film Memoirs of a Geisha. The make-up turned out to be restrained, the natural accent is on the matte lips. The eyes seem to be "intact", but you should see how carefully the eyelashes are dyed. The "royal" dress trimmed a slightly careless hairstyle – a low tail with loose strands.

Condole Rashad

We know Miss Rashad on the films Financial Monster and Running in Reality, and theater critics on the scandalous role of Juliet-African-American in a Broadway production (Romeo, by the way, played Orlando Bloom). On the red carpet of the Tony Awards ceremony, Condole looked like an art object – a figure dress, metal accessories in her hair, a wet highlighter and a maiden cream blush. Such hairstyles I often recommend to customers for important events – they look harmonious with dresses without straps or with collars-racks.

Chrissie Theigen

Chrissie glows with happiness – still, the Broadway shows the model looks only at arm's length with a charming husband – singer John Legend. On the red carpet of the Tony Awards, the couple broke up for one minute – so that Chrissy "shot" the cameras of fashion magazines. There was something to see: the deep eyes of Chrissie Taygen emphasized the lines of a charcoal black pencil (I think that there was a lot of work without the work of the beloved make-up artist Mary Phillips), the thick hair looks shiny and "sunny" – the hairdresser Chrissie put them into the light summer waves. Make-up looks appropriate with long earrings.

Dene Benton

About the young Dene connoisseurs talked a year ago – a dark-skinned girl played Natasha Rostov in the Broadway production of the epic novel "War and Peace". It turned out – many Russian and American critics "experiment" appreciated positively, and Dene became a welcome guest at the Tony Awards ceremony. The image of the actress is young and cheerful: the hairdresser decided to make an afro curls light and girlish, and the color of the shadows is fresh and bold (the dress allows).

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is like a fairy Dinh-Dinh – a friend of Peter Pan. The effect of the skin "fairies" gave a cream hailer or a base for stroking. I advise you to examine the eyes of an actress carefully – black eyeliner is gently shaded with gray shimmering shadows. Creative negligence in the hairstyle-pixie makes the image youthful.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia's bold cutout is on, and the make-up artist of the actress has managed to present him correctly. Clavicles and décolleté are "highlighted" by a gentle highlighter – the skin shines with health. Pearlescent pink shadows in front of the eyes fit into easy de-drawing on Olivia's face. All shades of make-up of the actress beat the scarlet dress.

Candice Swainpole

The image of Candice begins with a bare back. The fluffy locks of a thick tail gently fall on it. In order not to "go too far" with a degree of heat, I advise you to make makeup "cold": for example, smudge in the upper age smoky gray shadows with a blue tint and add a hailer of a snowy tint.

Anna Kendrick

We love Anna for her charming supporting roles, but on the red carpet of the Tony Awards she just got to the first one – thanks to the fashionable red smoky eyes. I see that the visagiste underlined the lower mucosa of Anna with a black, dry eyeliner, this method makes the look sexy. Lipstick here serves as a background – it is nude and matte.

Text: Dilyara Telyasheva

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