10 series, which can revise endlessly


Long holidays – the most lazy time of the year. For those who do not want to once again go out, we made a list of TV shows that are worth visiting at least once in life.


Comedy series about a charming 260-year-old newcomer from the planet Melmak, who has a great sense of humor and no less wonderful appetite. The project came out on television screens in 1986, and lasted 4 seasons: just 102 series, which was shown in 80 countries around the world has been lifted. The creators of “Alpha” was almost impossible: to make a great comedy series, without resorting to vulgar jokes or evil. An ideal choice for a cozy evening.

Simply fantastic!

The popular British sitcom about the adventures of two wealthy women, Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone who adore fashion and quite frivolous lifestyle. Above the TV series will be laughing lovers of the British black humor, as well as those who are associated with the fashion-industry. We recommend playing with friends, make it even funnier!


One of the best series in the history according to MTV, sitcom “Friends” was on television for 10 years, from 1994 to 2004. The history of friendly company won not only the US but the entire world. The real star of the project was Jennifer Aniston, whose career after the show took off. Incidentally, an interesting fact: the closer to the end of the project one of the leading actors received for shooting in one episode of the order of one million dollars.

Black Books

British TV series, won two BAFTA awards, talks about the difficult life of a very cynical owner of the bookstore. Sarcasm and bad habits – his best ways to respond to the difficult situation in which he so often gets. As in many British television series, the humor here is not meaningless, and every joke, indeed, there is some truth – worth seeing!

Sex and the City

The story of four friends, which lasted 6 seasons (or 94 episodes), has received an incredible amount of awards. Among them – 7 awards “Emmy” and 8 awards “Golden Globe”. The secret to success, besides excellent acting, lies in the skilful combination of comedy and melodrama – thanks to this about “Sex and the City,” we can safely say, yes it is exactly as in real life! So if the holidays, you will have a free moment, you little ponostalgirovat with your favorite TV series.


Name Sheldon Cooper has long been a household name: the series “The Big Bang Theory” for the past 10 seasons successfully dispels the myth that the physics are boring and do not know how to joke. Wonderful sitcom, which “ate” a lot of evenings at the people around the world – many even began to study the encyclopedia to understand the professional humor series Heroes. Humor from the charming and somewhat ridiculous characters paired with a drop of enlightenment – what could be better?

Two girls on the rocks

American TV series about the adventures of Max and sarcastic waitress Caroline sophisticated – two girls working in a diner, and are trying to save money to start their own “keksovogo business.” A bit of cynicism, a pinch of love stories and great sense of humor – the main components of the sitcom, which appeared in 2011 and immediately won the love of the audience, if the project has existed for a hundred years. Ideal for viewing with friends!

Devious maids

Telesaga about the adventures of Hispanic maids was launched in 2013, and quickly achieved success: on the screen for 4 season, and it seems that the creators of the project not going to stop. As is the case with the “Sex and the City”, the secret of the popularity of the series – that is organically combined sad and funny moments, interwoven with intriguing storyline. If all the other favorite TV projects have been reviewed, you should pay attention to the “Devious Maids”.

A Bit of Fry and Laurie

“A Bit of Fry and Laurie” – not quite the show: this sketch show, but the project is so loved in the UK and around the world (including in Russia), that we could not ignore it in our collection. Brilliant British comedian Stephen Fry paired with Hugh Laurie, who at the time of the show was not even “House” for 4 seasons tirelessly entertained and amused the audience with their original parodies, jokes and sarcastic wonderful British humor. Be sure to repeated viewing!


The main competitor of “Sex and the City ‘: TV series” Desperate Housewives “has received many prestigious awards, among them the” Emmy “,” Golden Globe “award and” Screen Actors Guild “. In the center of attention – the girlfriend of a quiet suburb that for 8 seasons build their lives. The name of each character is a household and the amount of laughter and tears, which caused a series, it is hard to give us something to measure – even if someone would ask such a purpose. Wonderful TV project, which always want to come back.



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