6 "green" flavors that will excrete you from the crowd


Green fragrances are a special family in the perfume classification. Coniferous forest after the summer thunderstorm, freshly mown grass under the rays of the sun, mashed wormwood, lavender blooming in the field, a garden with beds of apothecary herbs, cold tea with mint and lemon verbena … A thoughtful green aroma will never remind of its “chemical” origin, Do not smell like scented soap or shower. And if you did not develop love with this family, perhaps you just came across the wrong spirits.

L’Heure Vertueuse III Cartier

To plunge into the field herbage. Mash the fresh leaves of wormwood between the fingers. Grind in the palm of your hands are not dry, and filled with the juice of the ground flowers of lavender. The amazing, spicy herb flavor L’Heure Vertueuse III, filled with juiciness, is one that can not be forgotten. Very unusual in its composition, confusing in the first chord – dense, green, and then scattered in a bouquet of sparkling refreshing greens. The fragrance is beautifully revealed on the skin (it is not worth judging it by blotter) and has a beautiful tail.

The composition includes aromatic notes wormwood, lavender, mastic tree, rosemary, thyme, verbena and thyme.


Un Jardin Sur Le Toit Hermes

The freshness of the garden after the summer thunderstorm, the fragrance of a loose grass, tumbled down with heavy drops to the ground, the almost palpable taste of green apples (such, with sourness, not from the store, but from the grandmother’s garden). Aroma-impression, fragrance – a memory. Nothing to do with commercial “roses” or “green” flavors of cucumbers. This is a completely different kind of greens. She is real. So, in fact, the earth, grass, air smell in the summer after a thunder … Having caught her on the skin, I want to inhale it more and more … and apples, real apples with sourness. By the way, be sure to try it in rainy weather.

The composition includes aromatic notes of grass, pear, red apple, magnolia, rosemary, rose.

Lilt Rouge Bunny Rouge


You smell like … like the skin of a ripe, juicy peach! For one this compliment you can unconditionally love Lilt. Amazing and unique, at first surprising with its naturalness, not chymosity. Is it possible to smell like peaches so naturally? Like nuzzling your nose into freshly cut from the branches of a fuzzy fruit, and you are already looking forward to enjoying their taste. But the peach does not come in this fragrance alone. Lilt opens with a plume of mashed leaves of figs in a violet veil and continues with a slightly powdered plume.

The composition includes aromatic notes leaves of figs, greens, peaches, coconuts, violets, vetiver and musk.

No 8 Eutopie

A perfume-invitation for an aromatic walk through the famous park of Monceau, sung in the works of Claude Monet. Smells of greenery, spice of bergamot and resin (galbanum), lime sour, freshness of mint, silk flax neroli, and all this – framed by a warm smoky incense. Incredibly curious, confusing fragrance. Slowly unfolding, rich, aristocratic, and at the same time – very cozy.

The composition includes aromatic notes galbanum, bergamot, lemon, neroli, mastic tree, mint, incense, white cedar, amber and white musk.

PG09 Yuzu Ab Irato Parfumerie Generale

A juicy sweetish-bitterish herbaceous aroma, impossible beautiful and expensive. Disarms an armful of fresh mint, thyme and hyssop (it gives a sweetish-camphor sound to the bouquet). Flowers are also there, but they, like beads on a dress or cherries on a cake – ornament of a solid green base.

The composition includes aromatic notes mint, yuzu, thyme, hyssop, magnolia, myrtle, bamboo, pepper, jasmine, hyacinth.

The Glace Aqua Parfum ) Terry de Gunzburg

A cool, soft, invigorating fragrance, built on a combination of our favorite tea, citrus and white floral notes. Beautiful and unusual is the combination. And the first possible association that you will have when meeting with him: a chilled green (and not black as stated in the pyramid) tea with a twig of lemon verbena, which is so nice to drink on a warm summer day in a small flowering garden.

The composition includes aromatic notes verbena of lemon, grapefruit, almond, white flowers, lavender, black tea, camphor, mate, oak moss and musk.

Photo: archives of press services, Getty Images

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