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In the first I got an appointment with a cosmetologist when I was 18 years old. The word “mesotherapy” took me by surprise, but with all my appearance I demonstrated that today is just not the day, there is no desire.

– What procedure would you like to do: cleansing, mesotherapy?

– Um … Can I just have a massage? Or a nourishing mask?

For the first time I got an appointment with a cosmetologist when I was 18 years old. The word “mesotherapy” took me by surprise, but with all my appearance I demonstrated that today is just not the day, there is no desire. To be suspected of provincial ignorance, I did not want at all, but that I was on the couch for the first time with a cosmetologist, and even more so. As for cleaning, this procedure was associated with serious skin problems. I did not understand why she had to be offered to me – a girl with a face that makeup artists called baby face. I do not know who looked at anyone as crazy, but throughout the procedure I was very uncomfortable. I suspected in the unprofessionalism of the beautician, and she – me …

I will not name this experience sad, but I have not addressed to the cosmetician for a long time. Of course, in the current situation of rejection, I myself was to blame. To admit that I do not understand anything in cosmetic procedures was a shame. Now I will get my soul from the cosmetologist to find out about this or that remedy, not to mention the cases when it comes to some serious interventions. But then everything was different: seeming unaware was the worst nightmare. Eh, youth!

I returned to the beauty salon for about 20 years and I have not been out of it for a long time. I discovered an amazing world for the most part of pleasant sensations! Massages, moisturizing masks and, as a result, radiant and rested skin, as if there were no innumerable flights and tedious jets.

Of course, pleasure is not the only purpose of visiting a cosmetologist. By nature, my face is prone to swelling, and lymphatic drainage massage has always been a great help in dealing with this problem. A couple of times I also went through the LPG vacuum massage course (there is a special nozzle for the face), but I was more pleased with the effect of manual massage. In addition, my capillaries are too close to my skin. As soon as I found out that this is a contraindication for LPG therapy, I stopped doing this procedure.

Thus, from 20 to 24 years for the face, I did the following procedures:

  • cleansing;
  • massage (manual and LPG apparatus);
  • moisturizing, nourishing, soothing masks (depending on the skin condition);
  • vitamin mesotherapy (3-4 times per year by the technique of superficial nappage);
  • microcurrents for stimulation of microcirculation, which in the case of fluid retention in tissues is especially important for me.

After 25 years, several procedures were added to this list.

  • The peeling course became mandatory in the autumn-winter period. Many refuse this procedure, considering it too aggressive for young skin. No matter how much I would like to deny the fact that after 25 years the skin begins to age, but so it is … Therefore, once a year I necessarily get rid of dead cells, to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, to straighten the skin and make me shine.

I tried different types of peelings, but most of all I liked the hardware Clear and Brilliant. As a result, his skin descended evenly and very delicately – the scales were so small that they could hardly be seen even close. When the layer of dead cells completely peeled off, my face seemed to glow from the inside. This was the first procedure, the result of which I remained not just satisfied, but amazed!

  • The second wow effect was achieved after RF-lifting. He’s also a thermal, he’s a radio wave lift. Like the previous one, this procedure stimulates the production of elastin and collagen by heating the deep and middle layers of the skin. After the first procedure, my own reflection in the mirror surprised me very much: it seemed that I had never looked so good in my life!

Thermage must be done by the course. One-time procedure is more like an SOS-tool in cases when you are preparing to appear on the red carpet. By the way, the spectrum of RF-lifting application is not limited to a person. I first took a course last year and I will gladly repeat when the GW ends. In the case of RF-lifting, it is worth remembering that after the procedure you can not drastically cool your face. Therefore, if you decide on it in the cold season, first let the skin cool down, and then wrap yourself in the scarf as much as possible. In addition, there are a lot of contraindications to this procedure. Be careful!

  • Another excellent hardware procedure is Intraceuticals. She loves Naomi Campbell, and judging by how the supermodel looks, not in vain!

The essence of the procedure is that hyaluronic acid – the whey of youth – is “hammered” into the deep layers of the skin under pressure. After Intraceuticals the face shines, there are no signs of fatigue. The procedure is completely painless – rather the reverse. You can even take a nap.

This concludes my list of cosmetology experiments. In my opinion, the habit of going to a cosmetologist for a woman is the best prevention of aging. It is important to start taking care of your skin on time. After recollecting after 35, you will make efforts to look younger for a couple of years, but you will not be able to leave in the minus 5-7 years.

In the issue of professional care it is very important to find a specialist who will respect your skin and will offer only those procedures that will not harm her. After all, over-saturation, excessive purification are dangerous for her in no less degree than inaction. Probably, to someone the list of the procedures tested by me will seem not corresponding to a warning about the overpass. But remember that some of them are made only once a year.

Love yourself and your skin! All beauty and youth!

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