“You have incorrectly composed for the ballet, in addition to 13 years too late to start,” – said Misti Kouplend to the selection committee of the Academy of Dance.

And after 15 years, dark-skinned dancer become a prima ballerina of the National American Ballet. Her story – it is an example of what a person is much stronger than the circumstances, and the impossible – possible.


She recently published a book titled “The body of a ballerina.” It tells the story of a celebrity meditation, visualization, and practice exercises, stretching , exercises to improve posture and movements of classical ballet.

Here are some rules of the diet from her book:


Her morning begins with rolls with cream cheese and iced coffee. “I realized that the diet does not mean deprivation of discipline” – dancer writes in the book, in which there is an entire chapter titled “The Magic of fat.” Misty says, “Eating Fat provides energy and is the key to building muscle.” Prima recommends getting omega-3 from tuna, sardines, salmon, nuts and avocados.

As for dairy products , the dancer shared that they play an invaluable role in reducing her diet when she received six (!) Fractures. Copeland acknowledges that there is “a whole list of nutrients (especially calcium), which are necessary for the dancers” in dairy products.


A healthy way to snack for Misty – this cashew, macadamia nuts, dried pineapple and grapes. “I keep a small container of nuts and dried fruit in my purse or locker in the rehearsal studio. They help me to quickly satisfy hunger and provide a surge of energy “, – says Copeland and offers to eat a few pieces, or 1/8 cup. In addition, earlier in the day, just after lessons in ballet, she eats fresh fruit: grapes, blueberries and bananas. As an option – 3-4 serving sushi and cheese.


Her favorite meal – a salad of spinach, pecans, goat cheese, dried cranberries, 2-3 slices of avocado and light dressing. She advises to mix and match different variations animal proteins, vegetable fats, vegetables, fruits and cereals. Thus you will be able not only to diversify the diet, but will please your taste buds.


Misty evening reception food – a salmon braised with onions, carrots, nuts, flavored with rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper. And dancer pleases herself a glass of prosecco and cookies with peanut butter. Vegetarian Copeland admits: “After giving up meat to me for several months dreaming of bacon and giant burgers. At the same time, I felt amazing, and the amount of energy in me – off scale “.

We collected some food life hacking of one of the most famous dancers in the world:

  1. Eat slowly. “It allows you to enjoy the taste of food and the time to understand what you have fed” – suggests Misty.
  2. Take a healthy meal on the trip. “I usually take along a few packages of oatmeal, canned tuna, wheat crackers, and nuts”, – she said.
  3. Sugar, processed foods, fast food, white flour, artificial sweeteners and soda – banned in the celebrity diet. She also prefers to minimize the use of salt, replacing it with garlic, onions and herbs.

And in the end, Misty says:

“There is nothing wrong if you eat less and leave the food on the plate.”

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