Fashion trends in styling 2017


The trend will be: three-dimensional and structured packing , all kinds of reliefs, vertical wrapping, negligent voluminous curls matted high beam. And further. It is important not to twist the hair in curls doll perfect right from the roots, then your installation will look natural. Make such hairstyle is not difficult, if you are helping professionals. 5 new models Styler Series Premium Care – is 5 your personal stylists who can create any fashionable styling within minutes.

Luxurious silk from Brush & Straight

Ideal straight hair, thick and lustrous, flowing over her shoulders, like an expensive silk – is the result of a unique rectifier Rowenta Brush & Straight SF7510. Impeccable styling and care created by three advanced technologies. Ceramic plates covered with cashmere keratin and are aligned strands ionizer removes static electricity, and built brush pile from a natural process allows each hair. Together they create a 3D-volume. Thanks to careful laying at 170˚S hair look natural, healthy and beautiful.

What can Premium Care Liss & Curl 2 in 1?

If you are one of those who like straight hair today, and tomorrow – A trendy tresses straightener Premium Care Liss & Curl 2 in 1 SF7640 – your ideal choice. Rounded floating ceramic plates serve both for alignment and for curling hair. The patented coating UltraShine Nano Ceramic complex with cashmere keratin and argan oil reliably protects the hair during heat styling, and they are not electrified because of ionizer. Premium Care Liss & Curl you can use every day. Always install 170˚S – temperature that stylists recommend for gentle styling. So your hair retain its natural moisture and do not dry out. The correct temperature is easy to maintain thanks to the LCD display.

A new image every day with a brush hairdryer Premium Care CF7830

A new day – a new you. If this approach is your style, then hair-brush the Premium Care CF7830 – exactly what you need. 5 tips lead to the laying out of the hair of any length. Use a round brush large diameter 38 mm to create volume. Special brush for alignment is useful when you want to align unruly curls and round nozzle with retractable teeth will not let go awry long strands, also included is a flat brush for brushing and hub. Cover brushes tourmaline keratin and protects the hair from heat when handling hot air, so they maintain the health, even if you do every day will do a new installation.

 Luster, shape and beauty with rectifier Premium Care 7/7

Next year, experts advise not to align the hair completely, and do “beach curls broken lines.” To be in trend, it is sufficient to make small curls at the tips of hair or only laid in the middle of the length. It is best for this suitable rectifier the Premium Care 7/7 SF7420 . Floating plates coated with a patented professional UltraShine Nano Ceramic will take care of the glare, and 4 heat settings, from 130 to 200 ° C, allow you to do is not only spectacular, but also safe for the health of hair styling.

Your powerful pro

The quality and durability of many packings depends on the dryer. With Studio Dry 2100 CV5361 Premium Care you will be able to make the most complicated hairstyle, because his 2100 W power is fully consistent with professional requirements. Gentle drying mode Advanced Care provides the perfect care and an ionizer does not allow hair to electrify. Choose the hair and be stylish at all times


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