Google announced the list of the most popular searches in 2016


Google has released a list of the most popular requests that interested Ukrainians in 2016.
Most of all, oddly enough, the Ukrainians were interested in the TV series “Fizruk third season”, the second season of Major “and” Euro 2016 “.
The most interesting singer for Ukrainians became the winner of the Eurovision Jamal. After that comes the newly US president Donald Trump and then disappeared from Lviv Taras Poznyakov. No less Ukrainians struck the death of a famous actor Alan Rickman and journalist Pavel Sheremet.
The most popular movies on Google were: “Suicide Squad”, “Deadpool”, “Survivor.” Among the series lead “Fizruk” and “Major”.
Words that were looking for the Ukrainians: “dratuti” pokemon th “and” offshore “. Also, residents of Ukraine was wondering why you need a university degree, why the cat whiskers, and why did people knit hand a scarlet thread.
Shopping year were: “aerated”, “jacket”, “apartment”, “the Iphone 7” and “pug puppy”.
What do you say, everything you need!

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