New 2017: beauty gifts for the favorite


The new year is almost here, which means it’s time to choose gifts for all your loved ones. That gift of fashion trends, we are told , and now it’s time to talk about beauty, that is, the beauty-products that will appeal to virtually all-all-all! Go:


Guy: men Moisturizing Fluid for face Facial Fuel Moisturizer, Kiehl’s

This product is considered to be one of the most popular tools for Men’s Skin around the planet. The manufacturer calls this fluid “espresso” for tired men’s skin and this comparison is justified. The invigorating aroma, plant extracts and vitamins help to refresh the complexion, smooth wrinkles and even relieve irritation after shaving. Boyfriend accurately estimate!

Best friend: creamy lip lacquer with a vinyl effect Vernis A Levres Vinyl Cream, YSL

Delightful aroma, delicate creamy texture and stunning glossy shine this miracle nail lip will not leave indifferent any girl. Wide palette of hues – and you can choose the color of rose petals, and a spectacular wine shade. Another strong argument in favor of this gift – Vernis A Levres Vinyl Cream is very resistant – drinking champagne and kissing friends on the cheek can be any number!

Mom: multikorrektiruyuschy Cream Super Multi Corrective Cream, Kiehl’s

Favorite Mom surely rejoice effective cream that helps prolong her youth and reduce existing wrinkles. The dense and thick butter cream literally melts into the skin, instantly pulling it and making it radiant. With long-term use of Super Multi Corrective Cream transforms the shape of the face, removes dark spots, smoothes wrinkles – a miracle, and only.

Pope: shaving cream for sensitive skin Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream – Blue Eagle, Kiehl’s

Cream enriched with nourishing oils, considerably softens stubble, provides easy sliding blade and thorough shave while protecting the skin from irritation. Give it to his father – then cream it will never return to normal shaving foam!

Sister: tonal basis-kushn Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, Lancôme

“Younger brother” of the cult kushna by Lancome – a real godsend for active girls, who have to do make-up almost on the fly. He became denser the first version, which makes it suitable for owners of problematic skin. Lays down a very thin layer, just mingling with the skin, making it fresh, shiny, short, perfect.

Colleague: hand cream the Strength the Hand Salve the Ultimate,  Kiehl’s’s

Rich nourishing cream formula eliminates peeling and moisturize skin, particularly vulnerable in the winter. In people, it is compared with the gloves, alluding to the immediate comfort after application. Just remember: you probably want to “borrow” the cream from his colleagues, so that it is better to take two.

Self favorite: Night Recovery Concentrate Face Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Kiehl’s

Take care of all, do not forget to take care of yourself, and your favorite of your skin in particular. An ideal gift for yourself will become a legendary nightlife concentrate on Kiehl’s, which is loved by millions of girls around the world, not to mention the Hollywood celebrity. a couple of drops of is enough to apply at bedtime to morning skin was glowing, supple, moisturized and clean. PS Owners of oily skin means also suitable.

If you decide to choose a gift from Kiehl’s, do not miss the opportunity to turn it into a limited package developed by a famous artist Jerymyville – more on that here.

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