How to spend the New Year’s holiday


Matter of days left before the New Year, and the long-awaited winter holidays. If you are not going to travel, but want to spend the New Year’s holiday interesting and useful, we’ll show you how to do it. From sports to find a new hobby – in front of you a list of 10 things that will make proud of yourself after a long weekend.

Make a plan for the year

New Year’s Eve – the perfect time to take stock, and the first week of the holidays is the best suited for the preparation of plans. Give yourself an organizer who want to open every day, and write in it the goal for the coming year. Fantasize, dream, transfer to paper all the things you think. The payment and not the problem, but the way in which you can achieve them and what will be needed for this. Do not be afraid that the imagination carry you away. Israeli scientists Bar-Ilan University came to the conclusion that the dream – it is useful. When we fantasize, activates the same brain areas that cause us to act and achieve goals. We become easier to deal with stress and find solutions to unusual situations.

Learn new

On weekdays hands reach only up to a cup of coffee, tape Instagram or entertainment magazine articles. Long weekends may be useful to devote Affairs. For nine days you can hardly speak in Spanish, or learn how to play the soundtrack of “Pirates of the Caribbean” on the ukulele, but daily activities will have time to get into the habit. Download to your smartphone Memrise and teach Japanese application, Italian or German in a playful way, at any time, in between guests or on the road. Find a tutor in the online service of household services Here you will meet a man who will embody your dream: to learn to play the piano, skating, tango, and more. You can choose a convenient time for classes and their duration, to find a teacher who lives nearby. If you are interested in the economy for a long time, petrochemistry, biology or Eastern cultures, log on Coursera or Udemy and choose exciting online course by the teachers of the world universities.

Do some sports

If at least you will find the strength to the third day of the holiday feast go out to the gym, you will be surprised how many do you have time to do over the weekend. Exercise will give strength and energy. And if the usual classes do not inspire you to sporting achievements, try what has not worked: Test your stamina by CrossFit, spinning or send them to Zumba, aeroyogu and stretching.

Dedicate time close


Long New Year’s weekend with snow and frost made for good and cozy family gatherings. Bridging those who for a long time did not see, and build up a family hike to the rink, in a favorite park or the fair crafts. Gather the family home and to devote time to the preparation of gingerbread or Arrange a joint viewing of Christmas films.

Take care of business

Over the two days it is difficult to remake all the household chores. Dedicate the first week of the new year taking care of the house. Change your curtains Arrange spring cleaning, get rid of unnecessary items, to repair what is not working for a long time. If the one with all of this not handle – get an assistant.

Disassemble the wardrobe and makeup

Wardrobe full, but still put on nothing? Beautician is not closed, and half the money you used only once? It’s time to get rid of unnecessary things. Give shine and perfume that you do not fit, friends. Sort clothes: if you do not put on a skirt two years, get rid of it. In the New Year holidays have enough time to consider the daily images and bring them to perfection. Disassemble the wardrobe help Cloth applications, Stylicious or “Wardrobe.” Take a picture of each item and upload images into the application – it will be easier to keep a record of trousers, dresses and blouses and select successful combinations.

Work on a

Pick a few interesting books on self-improvement. Teach meditation, or learn the mechanics of struggle with fear or anger. Deal with their inner feelings, analyze what’s bothering you. If you can not leave a man, afraid of a new relationship, you feel constantly tired or do not dare to speak with the boss to increase salary, loans of these issues during the holidays. If you fail to cope with problems on their own, sign up for sessions to a psychologist. So does half your friends, try it and you will. Professional help will begin life with a clean slate.

Take care of health

Health depends on good nutrition. Begin to watch your diet. To your health has improved, give up the hidden sugar and fast carbohydrates. Monitor the amount of fluid in the body will help the application Drinking Water, it will remind you that it is time to drink another glass of water. A balanced eating – FatSecret, which helps to take into account the composition of the products, and keep a record of the number of eaten.

Do a good deed

Start the year with good deeds. Zákupy feed the cat shelter, transfer money fund for the protection of tropical forests, or become a volunteer organization to combat global warming. Take part in the action, which will resonate in your heart. Donate extra stuff to charity. Helping others realize the dream or make a welcome gift close.

Think up a new hobby

A new hobby – it is new knowledge, emotions and new people around. Establishments culinary blog or loans kung fu, learn to fix your computer or sew designer clothes. With the new business you will have more energy, and eventually you will be able to earn this. Beginning of the year – a good time to decide and to radically change his life.

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