Top 10 shower gels, which will give you a heavenly pleasure


For starters, let’s talk about how we usually choose shower gels: usually on the run, taking a nice shelf first and, importantly, the budget bottle. And if you two for the price you can buy one here and think it is not necessary. Nevertheless, we decided to check on their own experience, whether to choose this basic, workaday and quickly consumed means more carefully.

For any girl in the care of an important, not only to regularity and efficiency, but also the sensual aspect of the process: any mask, cream or lotion will at times a more pronounced effect if their use will bring us pleasure. What is important is the smell, texture, tactile sensations in the end. Well, if we talk about the mood for the whole day, or the lifting of the stress in the evening, a properly selected shower gel can have on us is literally a magical effect. The following features precisely such that even if your boyfriend does not Elon Musk , and you yourself – not a business woman with a million income, pampered is at least once, but rather a luxury vehicle for the soul – a few.

Gel-Care Shower Cream Cocoa, NIVEA

Nutritious cocoa butter and milk proteins in the composition of the gel gently cleanses the skin, leaving it with the most soft, smooth and hydrated. Soft creamy texture and incredibly delicious flavor – yet another compelling argument in favor of buying new products from NIVEA. However, there is one nedostaok – do not want to go at this use of the shower, there is a risk of being late for work.

Tonic shower gel with sea buckthorn, Weleda

Thin orange and grapefruit flavor in this gel-cream is combined with nourishing and soothing properties of sea buckthorn. Moreover, the smell instantly helps to wake up and tune in a positive, so still and body lotion can be applied after him – the skin is soft, smooth and hydrated.

Cream Shower Midnight Tango, AYRES


The name speaks for itself – we advise to take a shower with this cream before an important romantic date. The scent of orange blossom and vanilla evokes sensuality and long stays on the skin and jojoba oil in the composition makes it so soft that you most will be difficult to resist, once again not to touch him, well, a boyfriend, of course, not be able to resist such temptation.

Gel-foam for Deep Relaxation Soul, Senses, Artdeco

New SPA-range from Artdeco definitely deserves your attention – to take at least the relaxing shower gel in an unusual format. Instead of the usual texture – delicate, airy mousse with the scent of sandalwood and neroli. We recommend using it after a long, stressful day – you go literally renewed after such a soul.

Almond oil shower, L’Occitane

If the author of this material was asked to describe it in one word means, she would say: “Mmmmmm ….”. Yes, appetizing aroma of sweet almond oil and delicate texture forming foam upon contact with water, is associated with a gourmet dessert. Rate it fully sweet tooth and can holders tender, hypersensitive skin. PS hiding it away from her boyfriend – experience shows that men are also not averse to them “to eat.”

Shower Gel Coconut & Tangerine, Greenland

Let’s start with the fact that this kind of Dutch masks everything perfectly – textures, flavors and packaging. Especially amazing is how skillfully combines brand components – for example, a rather sweet coconut balances fresh tangerine. Frankly, select one Shower Gel from Greenland – not a simple task, but this one, with coconut, in our opinion, the old, reminiscent of the hot tropics and the long-awaited vacation in exotic corners of the planet.

Shower Gel “Raspberry and Peony┬╗, Le Petit Marseillais

The case where the impeccable quality and pleasure of use costs a modest sum of money. The line has a lot of cool flavors, ranging from neutral (Milk olives), and pumping delicious confectionery (Vanilla) – whichever you choose, you just love it!

Sol-cream Thalasso shower, Guam

This means there is a pronounced flavor, but there is algae extract, sea salt and vitamins in the composition. It lets kill “two birds with one stone” – gently cleanse and balance the PH-skin, as well as to withdraw excess fluid from the tissues and make the skin more elastic.

Gel bath and shower Oliva – Pettigrew, Yves Rocher

Olive extract in the composition of this gel nourishes and softens dry, irritated skin, aloe performs soothing and regenerating function and delicate fragrance of essential oils on the body Pettigrew has a relaxing effect, immediately immersing you in an atmosphere of complete relaxation after a hard day’s work!

Shower gel “Rainbow┬╗, Dushka

Firstly, it’s beautiful! And secondly, this rainbow shower gel with appetizing aroma produced in Ukraine, does not contain harmful ingredients, gently cleanses the skin and leaves it soft and hydrated as much as possible!

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