White kitchen in the interior of the apartment


The kitchen – one of the most important rooms, because it creates culinary masterpieces and at a common table gathers all family members, and sometimes guests. Therefore, I want this room to be cozy, stylish and original. Will help to realize the planned white color. But it has not only advantages, but also some nuances.


Advantages and disadvantages of white color

To begin, let us consider all the advantages of white color, used for decorating the kitchen:

  • White is able to expand the boundaries of space and thereby make the room more spacious, light and airy. And if the area of ​​the kitchen is small, it is this gamma will be the best solution and will eliminate the main drawback.
  • Such a color will make the kitchen light, even if the window in it is small in size or comes out on an insufficiently illuminated and sunny side.
  • White can be safely considered universal, as it combines with any tones, which will allow using the most favorite colors and experimenting with them. In addition, you can afford even bright shades, as they will be smoothed out by neutral white, which will make them less flashy and "acidic."
  • The kitchen looks incredibly stylish and fresh, which is clearly visible even in the photo.
  • The universality of this color lies also in the fact that it is able to harmoniously fit in a variety of stylistic directions: both modern and bright, and more restrained and calm.
  • Wide assortment. Almost all manufacturers of finishing materials, equipment and furniture produce many models in the white scale, so that you will definitely have plenty to choose from.
  • Many people consider white kitchen extremely impractical, and in part this is really so. But on the light surfaces are imperceptible fingerprints and dust.

Now we will evaluate the cons:

  • If the white scale is basic, not diluted by other tones, then a sense of hospital sterility may be created that will make the kitchen uncomfortable and create not the most pleasant impressions of its interior.
  • Remains of food and other contaminants immediately become noticeable on white materials, and if they are eaten up, the surface loses its pristine purity and attractiveness.
  • The white kitchen requires special care, which is designed to preserve the attractive whiteness of the surfaces. And if you do not look after the interior elements properly, then the materials may turn yellow in time, which will ruin the overall design.

What style to choose?

White is a universal color, so it will fit in most of the existing styles. We offer several unbeatable options:

  1. Provence. The main gamut of this romantic style can be white, and it is allowed and recommended to dilute with pastel tones, for example, light lavender, sky blue. Also for the maintenance of subjects, such techniques as krackle and decoupage are used.
  2. Choosing a milky color, you can create a quiet and nice interior in the style of country. Its main features are simple wooden furniture, polka dots or a small flower exhibited at the show kitchen utensils.
  3. The white kitchen will occupy its worthy place in the interior of the apartment, decorated in high-tech and modern high-tech style, which involves the inclusion of silvery tones, chrome elements, glossy surfaces. And all equipment must be necessarily modern and multifunctional.
  4. Neutral white can fit perfectly into the laconic minimalism, emphasizing its immediacy and the absence of unnecessary details.
  5. If you put some bright accents on the white background and make creative elements in the interior, you can get an original youth kitchen in the style of pop art.
  6. The elegant classic will acquire a special refinement and charm thanks to a pure white color, emphasizing the flawless taste of the owner of the kitchen.
  7. The Scandinavian direction also welcomes the white scale, and it can be safely taken as a basis. But it must certainly be diluted with contrasting wood or chocolate shades, which will especially look organically on wooden furniture.

Dilute white with other tones

To the interior of the house or apartment was not boring, the white background of the kitchen must necessarily be diluted with other tones. And their choice will depend on your tasks, preferences and your chosen style. So, if you plan to create a romantic and calm atmosphere, then use pastel shades, for example, peach, lilac, pale pink, light yellow. For this purpose, natural tones can also be used, for example, sand, muted olive, sky-blue.

Those who dream of a stylish, youthful and bright interior, pay attention to more saturated and juicy tones, such as mint, red, orange, yellow, light green, blue. You can also play in contrast, but make it discreet and elegant, choosing noble colors: chocolate, dark blue, emerald, burgundy, purple.

Furnishing and selection of kitchen appliances

Furniture can be absolutely any. So, organically in the white kitchen will fit classic wooden, modern and stylish plastic or a few brutal metal. In white, almost any material looks harmonious, so the choice is not limited. As for color, it is not necessary to maintain the main scale: you can make furniture dark or bright.

The color of technology is also important, because it is an integral part of the kitchen. There are several options: neutral white, milder milky or beige, contrast black or brown, stylish silver or metallic, standing out against the general background bright, for example, red, blue or whatever.

A few tips

Finally it is worth giving some advice to beginning designers and amateurs:

  • A variety of materials can be used for finishing, all planes can be white, although they can be diluted with other colors.
  • Try playing and experimenting with textures. So, the glossy countertop can be surprisingly interesting to combine with a matte kitchen set.
  • Freshness and originality in the interior will allow to make creative and bright accessories, for example, paintings, unusual objects of kitchen utensils.
  • Try to play with different shades of white.

Having studied all the nuances and rules of white kitchen design, you can create a modern and stylish interior.

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